Q: How do I order a title search?
A: Email or complete the form on the Contact Us page.

Q: How do I determine the jurisdiction for the property that is to be searched?
A: First would be to look it up in the United States Postal System, if still un-able - we can determine it for you by the provided the street address and city.

Q: What kind of search do I need to order?
A: Typically for a purchase transaction you will need to order a full title search. For a re-finance or a credit line, one would order a current or a two owner search. For foreclosure, one typically orders at least a two owner search or a full search with full copies of all documents. You will need to check with you underwriter for their specific guidelines as there is not a state statute defining this criteria.

Q: What is searched in a current owner search and what copies are provided?
A: We search from an arm's length transaction forward to present, provided copies of the deed(s), open deeds of trusts and related documents, any liens/judgments/uccs, and tax/assessment information. We search the grantor/grantee indices, 20 Years of judgments, 5 years of financing statements/UCC and as the necessity arises the Civil section of the Circuit court when a document found in the grantor/grantee indices directs us to do so.

Our reports are typed and returned with supporting documentation via email in pdf format.


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